Albeit Transitory Credits

Lead Vocals: The Black Baron, Tony Henderson.
Lady Vocals: Kate Lonergan, also known as Moonshadow.
Bass: Julian Lewis
Guitars: Jaap Badlands
Drums: Jaap Badlands
Pianos: Sarah Wierzbicka, arrangements by Jaap Badlands
Harmonica: Jaap Badlands

All songs written by Jaap Badlands except Here is My Heart
(adapted from the Once Were Warriors soundtrack).

Engineered at Penarth Cottage by Jaap Badlands except drums, which were engineered at Three Phase Studios by Joel Taylor.
Mixed at Black Pearl Studios and Three Phase Studios by Joel Taylor.
Mastered at Crystal Mastering by Joe Carra.

Cover illustration: Rachel Walker
Additional vocals: Nick Dinneen
Producer: Jaap Badlands
Graphic design and web development: Jaap Badlands
Label: Deadly Syntax

Music Video for The World Until Yesterday by Dillon Pearce Media.

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